History & Licensing


In 1969 a group of moms whose two-year-olds attended Sunday School at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington decided they wanted their children to play and learn together during the week as well as on Sundays.

They enlisted the help of Dr. E.M. Bridge, a retired pediatrician who also participated in the Sunday School program. Within three years the program transformed from an informal, parent-run volunteer program to a preschool with paid teachers, parent orientation, a policy handbook, and an age-based curriculum modeled on the Montessori philosophy. By the end of the third year, the preschool enrolled 54 students in four different classes.

“I feel like the teachers and staff really care for my child and have her best interest at heart. I am thrilled to be a part of AUCP.”
– AUCP parent


AUCP is fully licensed through both Arlington County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Only those schools that are in full compliance with state and local regulations are issued licenses.