AUCP Admissions

In response to the Governor of Virginia’s “stay-at-home” order, AUCP will remain closed for the 2019-20 school year.  We hope to re-open as planned in September of 2020.  Please email with questions or concerns

We are accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Please see below for information on how to apply.


How to Apply

Apply Online: Complete your application online, and pay your application fee by credit card or Paypal:


Paper/Check: Due to the Covid-19 stay-at-home order, we have limited access to the AUCP office at this time. If you are unable to complete an online application, please email to submit a paper application and check.


AUCP accepts children ages four months (six weeks if sibling enters the program) to five years of any race, color, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin.

If you have any issues downloading the application, please feel free to contact AUCP Membership to have a copy emailed directly to you.

“I believe I am a better parent because I am surrounded by people who know my child and who have been a wonderful source of information, suggestions, and reassurance.”
– AUCP parent


Admissions Policies

AUCP is open to applicants of any race, color, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin. AUCP conducts a lottery each year to fill any openings and does not carry a waitlist over from year to year (although some priority is given to those who were on the  waitlist in the prior year). There are priority groups within our lottery system, as listed below. After the application deadline, applicants will receive notification of their admission or place on the waitlist.

Admission Priority Groups:

  1. Children of AUCP faculty1 and current students returning to the same class2
  2. Current students
  3. Siblings of current students
  4. Former students and their siblings3
  5. Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington pledging members and friends4
  6. Applicants from the previous year’s waitlist5
    • 1 Faculty members only have priority in enrolling their Panda-age children in one day more than the number of days they are teaching. Requests for additional days will be considered only after the requests of children in groups 2–4 have been met.
    • 2 Current students returning to the Panda class will be given priority for up to two Panda days. However, these students may not enroll in a third Panda class until all applicants from groups 3 and 4 have been offered up to two Panda spots.
    • 3 Former students must have completed 1 full school year to be eligible for this priority
    • 4 “Members/Friends of UUCA” must have been pledging members/friends for at least one year prior to the UUCA application deadline. Status is subject to confirmation by UUCA and its requirements. Only the status of an applicant’s parent/legal guardian is applicable for this priority (i.e., the status of grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. does not impact the applicants priority).
    • 5 Students from the prior year waiting list (who applied by September 30th) will be given priority but must submit a new application and fee.

After the application deadline, new applications will be considered in the order in which they are received, except those of siblings of enrolled students, which will continue to receive priority.