Building and Grounds

May 9, 2014

Quick recap of the B&G basics

Because we are a co-operative preschool, we all help with the up-keep of the classrooms, the playground, etc. Every family is responsible to contribute some of their time and labor to help keep the preschool a safe and fun place for our children to play and learn. The number of B&G credits (hours) your family owes depends on the number of children you have enrolled in the preschool:

  • A family with one child owes                                 4 B&G credits,
  • A family with two children owes                            6 B&G credits, and
  • A family with three or more children owes           7 B&G credits.

You can earn B&G credit at scheduled events, aka “work parties”, or through participation in other activities on a more flexible schedule. At the beginning of the school year, each family signs up for the activities that work best for them. Participation at each event will earn you the credits indicated in the table below. Either parent can participate to earn B&G credit, so it can be an opportunity for non-cooping parents to get to know the school and other parents. If both parents participate during the same event, you earn double credit. B&G work parties are no-child events (sorry, but we can’t really work if we’re playing with our kids, and it wouldn’t be safe to have them around some of the cleaning solutions or tools).

Schedule of planned events for the 2014 – 15 school year:

The schedule of planned work parties will be posted in early June, once the school calendar is finalized. Here is a rough idea of the schedule.

Fall, 2014 Playground Prep Work Party, 3 – 5 PM 2 credits
Fall, 2014 Classroom Cleaning Work Party, 3 – 5 PM 2 credits
Fall, 2014 Playground Sealing Work Party, 9 – 11 AM* 2 credits
Winter, 2014-15 Classroom Cleaning Work Party, 9 – 11 AM 2 credits
Spring, 2015 Classroom Cleaning Work Party, 9 – 11 AM 2 credits
Spring, 2015 Auction Support: Setup 9 – 11 AM, During Auction, or Cleanup 10-11PM 2 credits
Spring, 2015 Garden Preparation Work Party, 9 – 11 AM* 2 credits

* Date subject to weather.

Other B&G opportunities come up from time to time, and you can sign up to be notified when they become available: Repairs and Maintenance, Inclement Weather, Ongoing Playground Maintenance, Garden Maintenance., and Miscellaneous School Tasks. Credit will be granted for approved and completed tasks. There is a category at the bottom of the sign-up sheet where you can suggest tasks you would like to perform (e.g. tasks you have done in the past).

How to Sign Up for B&G Projects

Once the school calendar has been finalized in early June, you can fill out your B&G preferences. The form is located here:

Please complete the 2014-15 B&G Preferences Form by Friday, August 29. If you are a new family and have questions about B&G, I will be presenting to you at the New Parent Orientation on Thursday, August 28, and I am happy to answer your questions before you fill in your preferences.  If you are an existing family, fill out the form at any time before August 29.

When indicating your preferred activities, please sign up for more B&G events than you would need to meet your credit requirements, with your preferences indicated (1 for highest priority, etc.). Don’t worry, you won’t be subscribed to all the events you indicate a willingness to do! Because some parties are always more popular than others you might not get your first choice. I will do my best to make everyone happy and will notify you of the events you are signed up for during the first week of classes. You will receive reminders as the B&G events for which you signed up approach.

One important reminder for members of the Auction Subcommittee and Fundraising & Social Subcommittee: you will automatically receive 2 credits for your work during auction set-up and clean-up, whether you are moving chairs or sitting in front of a computer. Be sure to indicate on your sign-up sheet that you are a member of one of the subcommittees.

Our first B&G event is coming up only a few days after the Parent Welcome Night. We will make sure the classrooms and the playground are in top shape for our children.   This first work party is a great way for new families to meet some AUCP veterans and bond while you trim branches or sweep the playground structures, or clean the grooves in the classrooms. And, you can earn your first 2 B&G credits before the school year even begins. For many families that’s already half of the hours you need to earn during the entire year.

I am looking forward to working with all of you to keep our preschool a fun, nurturing, beautiful, and safe place for our children.


Mark Bildner,

Building & Grounds Chair