Ride On Toys

Setup of  Ride-on Toys is Easy.

1.  Check with Susan or Diann to be sure that we will be using ride-on toys that day.

2.  Open the combo lock on the red shed (get code from the office or your signup genius email).  The code should line up with the red line on the lock.



3. Place the trikes and scooters up against the outside of the shed.  Place the container with helmets next to the ride-on toys.


4.  Grab 3 white plastic poles, drop them into their post holes and attach the yellow chain to the hooks on each pole.


5. Check to make sure the orange chain closing the parking lot entrance is up and two cones are in front of it.  If the chain is down, let Susan or Diann know.  The lot should look like the photo below when you are done.


6. Lock the Shed!  Remember to scramble the combination before you close the lock.


 At the end of the day, please put away the toys, helmets, poles, and chains and lock up.